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Batam is a charming Indonesian island to spend your time. Batam has several luxurious hotel and resorts, fine golf courses, and places of interest, many Singaporeans wishing to get away from the hustle and bustle come and visit this small island on weekends.

Activities to do in Batam as Beautiful Island

Activities to do in Batam as Beautiful Island

Activities to do in Batam as Beautiful Island

Activities to do in Batam as Beautiful Island

Activities to do in Batam as Beautiful Island

Activities to do in Batam as Beautiful Island

Activities to do in Batam as Beautiful Island

Activities to do in Batam as Beautiful Island

1. Sporting activities

Snorkeling. Batam has some diving spots which undiscovered before and now become famous among the tourist, both local and international. Now, may tour operator offers an adventure tour for diving and snorkeling to an island which serve you the beautiful and wonderful underwater view.

Batam Cable Water Ski Park, is located in the Waterfront City area. The park has a lake & uses an overhead cable to tow skiers around the lake on skis, kneeboards or wakeboards. There are several jumps & slides set up in the lake, for you to test your skills on, and it is a great way to spend the day if you like skiing!

Go Kart. Fast Go Karts race around on a purpose built track, just great for the speed junkies! Test out your skills by racing against the clock or with your team mate.

ATV arena. There is also another game which is more exciting and challenging. Across the go-kart circuit there is an arena for ATV off-road, for you who are fond of, or willing to try. At this game, safety is also be the priority, safety first. Make sure you follow the instructions given by the instructor!

Paint Ball. Another exciting game is paintball. Paintball is a team player game, so make sure you come with friends or colleagues to grow the game, and grow the excitement. Each team will be given a mission by the instructor to determine the victory. Strategy and teamwork are indispensable in this game.

Outdoor field. In a field that contains an outdoor game that is usually designed for teamwork and team building. Games such as flying fox and other activity which demanding physical activities are here. This place is usually hired by companies or groups to strengthen their team work by doing games or just hold Fun-day event together.


2. Beach see sight

Batam is known for picturesque beaches and the best ones are owned by resorts. Still, Melur is one of the last few non-monopolized beaches pretty enough for a seaside stop over. Facilities are Spartan but there are local shacks selling drinks. Pack your own picnic mat and beach stools if you are into soaking up the sun. Others beach are Danau Batam, Tanjung Bemban, Ujung Galang, Nongsa Village, Pantai Melayu and Marina.



3. Shopping

You might feel a little lost surrounded by the endless row of shops and malls in Batam thinking, “where should I start?” If you want to cover all your dining, shopping and entertainment needs under one roof the mall you need to visit is the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall.

Feeling odd without any shopping bags in hand? The Matahari department store will help you overcome any feelings of emptiness. Selling everything from clothes, accessories, bags, shoes and household appliances, the store’s wares are priced a little lower than Singapore. The basement is a huge Hypermarket selling everything from food, clothing and electronics – you could say it’s a bit like Little India’s Mustafa. It’s best suited for stocking up on cheap groceries, toiletries, and your daily necessities.


4. Massage & Spa

Apart from cheap shopping and good food, Batam is ideal for indulging in great massages at low prices. Massage & Spa clinics are easily found here. Some just outside the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, Majesty Spa & Massage, touted as Batam’s best, is led by highly-professional and skilled therapists offering a wide variety of massage services. Its most popular package, the Bali Traditional Massage, is ideal for loosening knots in stiff, overworked back and shoulders, with a choice of using cream or oil for the massage.

Hate when you have to come out of the blissful trance massages always induce? You won’t have to as the we provide a complimentary pickup and drop-off service to hotels, shopping malls and other locations across Batam.


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