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Welcome to seafood paradise!  At seaside restaurants you can choose your lunch or dinner from wide varieties of seafood which are kept at sea enclosed by nets. Just point your finger at the fish of your choice and other types of seafood and then relax at your table , enjoy the scenic view & ambience whilst the chef prepares the dishes of your preferences. Check them below.




Luti Gendang

Fish Soup

Anambas Noodles

Black Paper crabs

Coconut drinks

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Coconut drinks

Baby Kaylan Vege

Naga Fruits

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Golden Prawn Batam is a very popular seafood restaurant in Batam. This restaurant is popular among the tourist, both international or local tourist. Golden Prawn Batam is one of the oldest seafood restaurant in Batam, so its name is very familiar among the seafood lovers.

How to get to Golden Prawn Batam?

Golden Prawn Batam is located in Bengkong Laut, which is Bengkong Region, north side of Batam. Many of tourist from abroad come here by following the itinerary from tour operator.

Most of tour operator here in Batam is including Golden Prawn Batam as their lunch rest. That is also the reason why Golden Prawn Batam is very popular among the tourist.

For you who comes to Batam without using tour operator service, it is recommended to rent a taxy to go here. It is because no direct public transportation to go here. Nearest public transportation ends 2 km away from Golden Prawn Batam.


Wey Wey Seafood

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One of the seafood paradise in Batam is Wey Wey Seafood Restaurant located in Harbour Bay, Jodoh, Batu Ampar. Seafood restaurant in Batam usually called as kelong. Kelong at Harbour Bay is located in an area of business center at Harbour Bay. In this area there are Harbour Bay Mall, International Ferry Terminal, shops and offices as well as kelong  kelong- where are lined on the beach with a sea view.

There are almost dozens of kelong where is located in Harbour Bay. This kelong are lined on the beach offers serving fresh seafood. When you pass through in front of kelong then you can see the large aquariums containing live fish ready for your order such as grouper, snapper, pomfret etc.. In addition there are lobster, cuttlefish, crabs and shrimp are all still alive. Guaranteed when you enjoy seafood here all the grain in the form of seafood that are still fresh.

Enjoy seafood dish here is very suitable when the sun before sunset, because here you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset, and also looking at the ferry back and forth from Singapore or vice versa. As evening approached the lights sparkle along the seafront and across the bay is the area of Tanjung Uma looks very beautiful. The place is very romantic to be enjoyed with friends, in addition to a very tasty dish seafood can be shake up your tongue, it’s really so delicious.

Rezeki Seafood Restaurant

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Rezeki Seafood Restaurant is located near the seaside so you’ll get a glimpse of the sea view when dining in. There will be live seafood like crabs, fishes, crayfishes etc. that will be displayed right when you enter the restaurant. You may choose and pick the fishes to be cooked right on that spot. Or else, you can also choose to order when you take your seat. Furthermore, all the seafood are caught and brought straight to the restauran


Bandung Restaurant, Batam Centre


Bandung Restaurant is located at Batam Centre. The environment in this restaurant will pamper you with Sundanese ethnic. The food here is also very tasty and the taste remark the Sundanese. A bit spicy but still very delicious.  You can see the menu list below.

Package A ( Rp. 70.000/ person): Nasi Putih, Gurame Bakar, Ayam Goreng, Tahu Goreng, Tempe Goreng, Tempe Goreng, Karedok,Kerupuk, Sambal & Lalap, Air Mineral

Package B (Rp. 70.000/ Person): Nasi Putih, Kakakp Asam Pedes, Cumi Goreng Tepung, Perkedel Jagung, Capcay Ayam, Kerupuk, Sambal & Lalapk Air Mineral

Package C (Rp. 85.000/ Person): Nasi Putih, Gurame Goreng, Ayam Bakar, Tahu Goreng, Tempe Goreng, Karedok, Sayur Asam, Kerupuk, Sambal & Lalap, Air Mineral

Package D (Rp. 75.000/person): Nasi Putih, Gurame Bumbu Rujak, Ayam Bawang Putih, Perkedel Kentang, Kailan sapi, Sapo Tahu Seafood, Kerupuk, Sambal & Lalap, Air Mineral.

Package E (Rp. 80.000/ person): Nasi Putih, Gurame Cobek, Gepuk/ Empul, Sate Ayam, Tahu Goreng, Tempe Goreng, Karedok, Kangkung Belacan, Kerupuk, Sambal & Lalap, Air Menaral.

Package F (Rp. 70.000/ person): Nasi Putih, Kakap Asam Manis, Sapi Lada Hitam, Sate Ayam, Perkedel Jagung, Cap-cay Seafood, Toge Ikan Asin, Kerupuk, Sambal & Lalap, air mineral.

All the package is subject to minimum 4 persons.




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