Tickets to Batam-Singapore

for two way (all in) with Sindo ferry

How to book ?

  • Send us your passport details
  • Departure date & time
  • Transfer to our representative acc in Singapore (PM-please)
  • Send us the receipt/ Screenshot by WA (Whatsapp)
  • You get the booking code

After receiving booking code?

  • Check your departure schedule
  • Collect the boarding pass by showing the code to the counter staff at least 1 hour before departure
  • Proceed to check in 50 min before departure
  • Happy sailing!

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Great getaway. Great and dedicated guide, Dora. The snorkelling site was great...overall the experience, pure and unspoilt moments. Rustic

Alfred Hu

 Friendly, helpful boat crew.i dropped my S$1k glasses into the sea, but believe it not , they found it, astounding lah. Beautiful & peaceful beaches, calm & clear waters with lots of fishes & corals. Lunch was as good as can be expected. Didn't know can order additional food, extra cost of course lah. Comfortable , spacious hotel room, nice breakfast. After the snorkelling trip we had fantastic seafood dinner and traditional food for lunch. The trip was well organized , smooth going all the way. Well done Batam Travel Planners !!!

Tan Chew Leong

Enjoyable and Memorable trip to explore the nearby islands off Batam where nature has given us the opportunity to find out more on Marine Biodiversity. With Snorkelling I can see and feel various species of Corsls and beautiful fishes that swim around the reef

Patrick Yeo

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Palm Regency. Batam centre. Kepulauan Riau – INDONESIA

Hotline :  + 6281267132634 (WA)
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Semua pemesanan hanya akan dilakukan setelah pembayaran 30% dari harga paket (berlaku untuk low season saja)
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